Well, this is frustrating...UPDATE: Thanks Kinja Help!!

I was trying again last night to turn this into a group blog using the blog merge workaround. When I merged this blog with a separate commenting account, all of the posts disappeared and I became unable to log in to either account.

I’ve set the blog back using a different email address, but unfortunately, I still can’t access any of the previous posts or (worse) the comments. I’ve contacted Kinja Help Center to see if there’s any way to restore those. Sorry to everyone who lost comments - I’m sad to have lost the great discussions we’ve already had so far.


UPDATE: Kinja Help Centre has now restored all of the posts and comments that had disappeared.

I’m not going to mess around any more with attempts to make a group blog, so we’ll go back to the original plan with regards to authorship, which is: if you’re interested, send me an email at craptimelord@gmail.com and I’ll send you login information and posting guidelines, or if you’d like me to share a post to this blog, feel free to ask in one of the comment sections!


A huge, huge thank you to Kinja Help Centre for salvaging the great discussion we’ve had on here so far (and for managing it so quickly, at that). You guys are the best!!

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