OT: What do you wish people knew about illness/disability?

Hello, everyone! Crap Time Lord here. Last month Una Bear Dog suggested the idea of a group blog focusing on chronic illness/disability where those of us dealing with these things can share advice, support and information. Hopefully, we may also be a source of insight for people who don’t have experience with illness/disability but who are interested in learning more.

I’d like this blog to be a place to share our experiences with all kinds of chronic illness and disability (including mental illness, which far too often gets sectioned off as a separate thing, for no particularly good reason).


To kick off, I’d love to share our thoughts on what we’d most like people to know about illness/disability - either in general, or in reference to a particular condition.

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Also, I can’t seem to make this a group blog - it looks like Kinja no longer has that functionality. To make it easier for everyone to share, if you’re interested in authorship privileges for this blog, post your kinja contact info in the comments and I’ll send you a message with the login info and posting guidelines for this account. And if you don’t want to be an author but have something you’d like me to share to the blog, feel free to let me know in the comments of any post!

- Crap Time Lord

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