Chronic Illness OT: What are your favourite illness 'hacks'?

Hi everyone, Crap Time Lord here! After an extended hiatus because my fibro / narcolepsy were flaring badly, my meds were doing squat, and I didn’t have the mental energy to do much more than shove some microwaveable food in my face and occasionally post on other people’s GT blogs for a good long while, I’ve decided to try and resurrect this blog. We’ve had a few posts over the past few weeks that have made it clear we need a space to talk about our various spoonie problems, commiserate, and share silly illness memes and useful tips.

Today’s OT topic: what are your favourite illness ‘hacks’? This could be anything from solutions to make it easier to remember to take your meds on time, to tricks to help stay awake, to pain-friendly fashion tips.


As before, I can’t seem to add authors to this blog, but if you’re interested in being able to make posts on it, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you the login details.

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